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Harvard Undergraduate
Japan Policy Network

A student-led think tank founded at Harvard specialized in Japan's policy issues and promoting an accurate picture of Japan through multilateral dialogues.

Our Mission

日本語の概要書はこちらから       (Japanese Available)

Harvard Undergraduate Japan Policy Network (HUJPN) is a recognized student organization at Harvard College. Japan has long been a leading nation in terms of economic growth, international security, technology, and many other fields. However, Japan is perceived to have stagnated or declined in the last three decades as other countries, such as China, emerged as new powers in international affairs. With a variety of pressing issues and threats, including missile launches by North Korea and an aging population, Japan is at a significant turning point for both itself and the world. In thinking about where the world goes, Japan's policy issues should receive more careful and sustained attention, particularly from those abroad in the United States.

Through a series of speaker forums with professors and prominent figures in their respective fields, along with student publications, we hope to generate more interest in Japan that dives deeper into Japan's politics, policy, economy, and society than other culture-based clubs that exist today. We are also interested in making a real-world impact on discussions of politics related to Japan through consultations with local governments and high-level collaborations with institutions both in Japan and the U.S.. As the name suggests, we will network students and scholars in the U.S. with people in Japan and resources for active engagement and collaborations.

※ We acknowledge the support and advice we have received from the Program on the US-Japan Relations at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University.

Japanese Garden

What We Do

Previous Speakers & Guests


Martin Fackler

Former Tokyo bureau chief for The New York Times and Pulitzer Prize finalist


Shigeki Moriyama

Ministry of Finance of Japan / 財務省


Takatsugu Haneo

Associate, Program on U.S.-Japan Relations. Assistant Manager, Keidanren / 経団連


59 Shepard Street, #144

Cambridge, MA 02138



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