About Us

The Japan Policy Network (tentative) is an effort led by undergraduate students at Harvard University and waiting to be registered as a student organization at Harvard College in Fall 2022. Membership is open to students and scholars at academic institutions throughout the nation.

We aim to establish a nationwide platform where students, particularly undergraduates, come together to learn about Japan's policy issues with scholars and prominent figures in each field. The issues include the domestic circumstances from inflation and population decline to Japan's relationships with foreign nations, particularly China and the United States.

Learn More About Our Context, Objectives, and People

★ Our project has received a substantial amount of support from the Program on US-Japan Relations at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University. The program agreed to provide speakers, information, and funding as necessary for our plans and outreach efforts.

The Program on U.S.-Japan Relations advances social science research on Japan from comparative, global, and interdisciplinary perspectives. It was founded in 1980, based on the belief that the United States and Japan have become so interdependent that the problems they face require cooperation.