Objectives and Planned Activities

Forum & Discussions

Currentlly, there are only a few forums or discussion tables about Japanese or East Asian policy issues for undergraduates. In collaboration with the Program on the US-Japan Relations, we hope to remedy this by inviting professors, scholars, prominent politicians, government officials, private companies, NPOs, and other entities from both nations who can speak on critical topics related to Japan both from traditional and non-traditional perspectives. Along with a speaker's panel, we hope to organize small discussion rounds where participants can directly share their ideas with speakers.


We will publish articles about the trending as well as uncovered topics in Japan and op-eds. Japan policy issues are not just about national security or economic issues; rather, they include more grassroots perspectives, such as industrial or tourism policies, which significantly influence Japan's prosperity and prospects. Rather than providing readers with pure knowledge of the events, we intend to introduce them to the topics and help create more active and open bi-partisan dialogues.

Think Tank

Some political organizations and companies suffer from the lack of latest information and exposure to outside, fresh resources. As a group of students with diverse academic and personal backgrounds, we believe we are capable of conducting an evaluation of the current policies of local Japanese governments from non-traditional perspectives, while providing U.S. companies wanting to expand their business in Japan with a creative analysis of current affairs. While we are aware of the limitation of our efforts and knowledge as undergraduate students, we will aim to harness our knowledge and power to assists a variety of entities.

Internship & Travel Opportunities

TBD - Consulting with relevant Harvard center, including the Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies and the Program on U.S. - Japan Relations at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.