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Since 2022, HUJPN has been bridging resources with entities grappling with pressing issues, influencing policies from digital transformation to low birthrate strategies. With the privilege of being one of the few student-led think tanks focused on Japan in the U.S., we've initiated critical conversations, educated peers, and offered innovative perspectives to stakeholders, including the City of Tsukuba and the Digital Agency, Government of Japan. Today, we stand at a juncture where we aim to extend our mission further. We seek to deepen academic interest in Japan and aid organizations in navigating policy challenges.


To achieve these goals, we need your support.


We invite you to join hands with us, as partners and donors, to fuel our mission. Your partnership and generous contribution will propel our endeavors, ensuring the continued growth of a robust platform for understanding Japan's policy issues. Investing in HUJPN means endorsing a future where young minds are enlightened, policies are well-understood, and communities are interconnected. Join us, contribute, and make a lasting impact on our collective understanding of Japan's policy landscape. We're excited to welcome you to our mission.

Please fill out the form below to learn more about the partnership with us and to help us learn about you. Thank you!

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